Dynamic Debugging in Years 3 and 4

This term, Year 3 and 4 have been working on solving online puzzles using block coding techniques.

Block Coding in code.org


This week, we have introduced the idea of debugging to the class and encouraged them to work together as a team to solve each other’s coding problems. This kind of teamwork is essential when companies such as Google and Microsoft develop integrated computer systems requiring a shared understanding of how a program works.






First, they make sure that they are including sensible comments within their code scripts to help others understand what their code is doing. Then, if they get stuck, they write their program ID, a short description and their initials on the board at the front. When others have finished a particular challenge, before they go onto their next one, they are encouraged to look at the board to see if they can help anyone else.






On Friday, I was really impressed by the teamwork shown by the pupils and hopefully this can be adopted in other lessons too.