Diversity and Respect

Building a culture of tolerance, diversity and respect for one another.

As a school we constantly work to encourage our children to value diversity and to respect the differences of others. We want our children to grow up to be tolerant, respectful and caring citizens. We use our school values which the children understand and link them to the British values of democracy and tolerance as we discuss the ways in which our society needs to work. Our children are learning that their school needs to be a place where everyone feels valued and respected. We use whole school and class assemblies as well as Circle Time and PHSE sessions to give children opportunities to discuss, explore, question and to reflect on what they have learnt. We often use PE , Art & Design, R.E  and team games to help to deliver meaningful learning about key issues relating to children’s social and emotional learning.

If you would like to find out more about how children are learning to be good citizens and use the school values you might like to look at the PowerPoints below. In the future we will continue to post examples of children’s work and the PowerPoints we use in school.

Assembly 1 – difference and respect

Tues 16 May Class Assemblies Respecting_differences