Criminal Damage at Cranbrook’s Play Parks

Recently several items of play park equipment in Hayes Square, Northwood Acres and St Martin’s have been graffitied. This is criminal damage of public property, which is unsightly, detracts from the lovely playing areas installed for our children and is costly to the residents.
In Northwood Acres the safety sign has been damaged from a sharp implement or a firearm, which is illegal and unsafe. The safety sign and post had only just been replaced after they were damaged beyond repair. All equipment which has been vandalised needs to be repaired or replaced, this is at a cost to the tax payer.
If you witness anyone carrying out criminal damage to Cranbrook’s communal property you should report it immediately to us or the police by dialling 101 or online using the 101 online report form…/contac…/report-a-crime-incident/.
Please support us in keeping Cranbrook safe and graffiti-free.