Cranbrook Parent+ Hub

Cranbrook Parent+ Hub is here if you are a new parent who wishes to know more about mental health, a parent of a child who is struggling with their mental health or an adult supporting friends/relatives/colleagues  through mental health issues.  Your needs may have recently arisen or be long-standing, due to covid, Additional Needs, Eating issues, anxiety and any other mental health issues. We offer a safety-net for Parents/Caregivers by sign-posting to Local and National Mental Health Services, who we hold close relationships with through our Mental Health Network, whilst continuing to walk by their side on their journey, providing them with targeted information and encouraging self-care.  We provide opportunities for their voices to be heard and for them to expand their knowledge through workshops and training events.’

The Cranbrook Parent+ Facebook group has daily posts of information on local organisations, shares ideas on self-care and provides mental health information, their main page already has 800+ followers.  In the last 12 months they have supported over 90 families and provided them with 1:1 support from their Experts by Experience,  Panel of Professional, as well as group peer support;  this has been offered via Phone calls, Zoom and WhatsApp.

Caregiver is someone who supports a family member, friend or colleague with mental health issues, including issues arising due to Additional Needs or chronic illness.

For further information, simply WhatsApp the word ‘CRANBROOK’ to 07907 614516 or email ‘CRANBROOK’ to

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