Cranbrook 0-2 provision closure

You will be aware of the consultation period last week regarding the 0-2 provision on our Campus. Very regrettably the Senior Leadership Team and Governors have concluded that this provision is not sustainable and we have no choice but to close it at the end of this term.

Just to reiterate, the main reason for this is that the numbers in 0-2 have not grown as we would have wished and we need to take decisive action now to ensure that the structure of the nursery is sustainable for the school community in the future.

This significant change has required us to review the nursery provision that is currently on offer. We need to rebalance our provision to support the future requirement for 30 hours’ childcare, better meeting the local need and to ensure the financial viability of the nursery moving forwards.

We regret that these changes have affected valued staff members and local families who now have to find alternative 0-2 provision. We are working to offer support for them on a case by case basis.

The Senior Leadership Team and Governors