Meet the Green Team

6th Dec 2018
Scrap Paper Boxes have been appearing in our rooms all over the campus. These have been made and delivered by the Green Team (Lucky dip on design). The aim of these boxes is to reduce the… Read More

The Bin It Roadshow

3rd Dec 2018
Cranbrook opened its doors to the The Bin it Roadshow on the 2nd of November. This show highlighted the impact of littering on our surroundings and how to stop it. It was very informative and entertaining and even involving… Read More

The Diamond Way Centre Visit

3rd Dec 2018
Year 10 GCSE Religious Studies students welcomed the Buddhists from The Diamond Way Centre in Exeter to their Classroom on Friday. The students discussed the key beliefs and practices of Buddhists and had some really… Read More

Exmouth GCSE Geography Trip

30th Nov 2018
Year 10 GCSE Geography students undertook their first Geographical Skills field trip to Exmouth beach. The students put all their skills to the test to measure and determine the sustainability of the sea defences a t Exmouth… Read More

University of Exeter Law School Visit

30th Nov 2018
Cranbook welcomed the University of Exeter Law School to visit this week, to  began their 'Discover Law' sessions with students from years 9 and 10 who have an interest in the Law profession and higher education. The students… Read More

Drama club performance

27th Nov 2018
For the past 3 weeks our Drama club students have been working alongside students from the University of Exeter who helped them to devise a Christmas performance. This culminated in parents being invited to come… Read More

Introducing Bramble, Freddie, Hattie and Ozzy the CEC house animals

24th Nov 2018
The votes are in and the house animals for the Campus have been named. Introducing; Bramble Badger; Freddie Fox; Hattie Hare and Ozzy Otter. Our beautiful house animals have been brought to life by the super… Read More

FlyBe visit to inspire them to pursue careers in aviation industry

23rd Nov 2018
Flybe team just had an amazing morning with over 250 Cranbrook school students inspiring them to pursue careers in aviation industry! hashtag#flybe hashtag#pilots hashtag#engineers hashtag#UKairline hashtag#inspiration hashtag#travel hashtag#education hashtag#apprenticeship hashtag#career   Read More

We are a Seneca Pioneer School

22nd Nov 2018
Cranbrook Education Campus is now one of Seneca’s Pioneer Schools! We have been chosen because of our drive in developing effective teaching and learning strategies.  Seneca is a completely free homework and revision platform based on… Read More

Open Music Workshops - Make Music Together

22nd Nov 2018
02 Cranbrook Open Workshop 24_11_18 Read More