Early Years

Nursery Update

19th Jan 2021
The nursery team really hope you have engaged in our home learning challenges and have enjoyed the support videos we have shared on the Cranbrook Education Campus Facebook page. Please keep sharing your wonderful learning… Read More

Nursery Home Learning W/C April 27th

27th Apr 2020
Dear Parent/Carer, Please find below the nursery home learning for this week. HL Nursery 270420 Read More

Reception Home Learning

17th Apr 2020
Handwriting and Forming a Sentence https://www.facebook.com/cranbrookeducation/videos/252078822586882/?eid=ARCCAgcmZhvlnLLaOVwIwPnYHjTp_IXg_go5R4VEIUcQvkZmmr4Z0JtANZb-87kxwuReJcm9Kboxnp76 Read More

EArly Years Phonics

15th Apr 2020
Early Years Phonics - No video today but instead a CHALLENGE for all you Reception children. Do you remember the tricky words we talked about? the to no go and into Today's challenge is a writing one - can you write a sentence for… Read More

Thursday 9th April 2020 Update

10th Apr 2020
Thursday, 09 April 2020 Dear Parent/Carer Firstly, I hope you are all safe, well and managing during this challenging situation. Thank you for your continued support doing this uncertain time. A reminder that if you have any… Read More

Early Years Story Time: Day 7

29th Mar 2020
Miss Goode tells the story today. We are all really excited to have her back really soon from her maternity leave! https://www.facebook.com/cranbrookeducation/videos/516086665939882/?v=516086665939882 Read More

Early Years Story Time: Day 6

28th Mar 2020
Here is Miss Leach with a special story for you all. Enjoy! https://www.facebook.com/cranbrookeducation/videos/513328422908074/ Read More

Story Time: The Unseen Bits

27th Mar 2020
This one is for the grown ups. Delivering a daily story isn't always as straight forward and slick as it may look on screen. They say never work with animals or children. Hope you enjoy… Read More

Early Years Story Time: Day 5

27th Mar 2020
Norman: The Slug with the Silly Shell https://www.facebook.com/cranbrookeducation/videos/509786396577838/?eid=ARCfR0piSjZvq4IYcuY6L7Da8xnMkaboROqVJue8L84FnsMqZih7UrXOqRJ9S6Yj1nwd5MmP3pRlq041 Read More

Reception Phonics: Day 5

27th Mar 2020
Helpful Hints for Handwriting! https://www.facebook.com/cranbrookeducation/videos/207804380539775/ Read More