“Books are my doorway into other worlds. They cheer me when I am upset; they make me laugh, cry, and quake with fright.” Luke Jackson

Luke had problems learning to read when he was young, then suddenly something clicked for him. His own engaging, confident book describes living with Asperger Syndrome. He explains some of the problems and misunderstandings that can arise from his different, sometimes very literal way of looking at life.


Luke’s book offers guidance on coping with bullying, friendships, dating and relationships, when and how to tell others about Asperger syndrome and other insights from him and his family. Written for teenagers, parents and teachers, its celebration of differences will help to increase our understanding and change our attitudes.


Freaks, geeks & Asperger Syndrome: a user guide to adolescence, by Luke Jackson – written when he was 13. One of the new books added to the school library from a national collection offering support for young people.


Reviewed by Helen Wharam; Cranbrook Healthy New Town Programme Coordinator