A Bikeability First for Cranbrook Education Campus

A group from year 7 & 8 recently became the first to complete Bikeability training at the school. The 6 pupils took part in a combined Bikeability Level 1 & 2 course delivered by The Cycling Partnership, which promotes a serious safety message through a series of fun exercises. These took them through basic training, bike control and cycling preparation in an off-road situation, followed by road awareness training and safe cycling practices out on quiet local roads.

Using the maxim ‘See & Be Seen’, the cyclists used a variety of skills, including observation techniques, effective road positions, hazard perception and communication with other road users. They learned to apply these skills, as appropriate, to a variety of common road situations such as passing side roads and parked vehicles and turning in and out of side roads.

After a period of practice to consolidate and improve these new skills, those wishing to take their cycling to the highest level could sign up for a free Level 3 course. There they will learn to safely negotiate their way through busier roads, dealing with more complex junctions, traffic lights, roundabouts, and multi–lane roads.