Art of the Ancients

The aim of the project is to introduce and develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the art of ancient cultures. They will be mainly focusing on ancient Aztecs, art of the Aborigines, Native American Indian art, African art and art of Asia. During the journey students will discover links between ancient art and artists and art movements of the 20th Century until present day and gain an insight into their work. Eg: Pablo Picasso, cubisim, impressionism, Roy Lichtenstein,  Damian Hirst,  Jean- Michel Basquiat and many more. Students will be encouraged to use their imagination to create own ideas and link with personal issues developing a sense of spiritual, religious and moral beliefs based on their own interpretation of their investigations and discoveries. An insight to the ancient culture’s belief system and how art was a tool to communicate, record history, relay information, worship their gods and storytelling. A wide range of skills will be developed through a variety of media and materials, ranging from 2D to 3D. Keywords and terms will be introduced to students and a knowledge and understanding of these will be gradually gained throughout the project.