App Concern from NSPCC/Police

Please see below for information on a concerning App called Gasha Studio from NSPCC/Police:

“A parent has shared a concern with us about a game called Gasha Studio (Anime dress up) – from what we can see, it’s a game where people can choose avatars and create scenarios. This parent found a concerning screenshot on her child’s phone, which depicted a small female child character – she had labelled her “abused child” and a featureless adult labelled “abuser”. They appear to be in a dungeon of some kind, and the adult is holding a unknown object. Looking at the reviews on the app store, there are comments about inappropriate poses (pole dancing), that it is “not for kids”, that you can’t turn off the chat feature, and that the content includes child abuse, suicide, bullying and murder. Just thought it would be good for other practitioners/managers to be aware of it.”


Please contact us on if you have a safeguarding concern about your child or a pupil of the Campus.