About Us

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Cranbrook Education Campus is a fun and exciting place to be set at the heart of its’ community. Innovative teaching facilitates effective learning and leads pupils to achieve outstanding outcomes. A proud, motivated and committed team contribute to the success and development of aspiring, well rounded, lifelong learners. Pupils, staff and the school grow and thrive together as a leading educational establishment.

We promise to develop pupils who:

  • Are active learners with high expectations of themselves
  • Demonstrate the school values of Resilience, Respect, Forgiveness, Teamwork, Honesty and Perseverance
  • Have aspirations for themselves and their peers
  • Are confident enough to be individually resilient and collectively interdependent
  • Have a sense of self-worth and are respectful and open to the world around them
  • Have had a broad, rich learning experience involving cultural and sporting opportunities to widen their life experience and aspirations

We believe that every pupil should regularly enjoy a range of experiences and opportunities.  Ten things every pupil should do before they leave are:

  1. Represent the Campus
  2. Visit an art gallery, museum, see a show at a theatre or attend a world class sporting or cultural event
  3. Be politically engaged
  4. Present or perform to an audience of peers such as in an assembly
  5. Engage in a wide variety of sporting and leisure activities and with the local surroundings
  6. Complete meaningful work experience with an employer
  7. Support a charity or voluntary organisation
  8. Participate in workshops with a bank and be aware of financial products and money issues
  9. Communicate with students in another school in a different part of the world and find shared ideas about their school life
  10. Read widely to broaden their knowledge of literature and the world, to include a newspaper, a journal/piece of academic literature, a Shakespeare text and a novel


  • Forgiveness
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Resilience
  • Respect
  • Team Work
An all through curriculum that focuses on the individual learning pathway of each pupil and charts their development and continued improvement as they move through each key stage. Transition dips will be eliminated by having continuity of pupil data and teachers' awareness of each pupil’s developmental needs which will support timely intervention, opportunity for accelerated learning and special needs support as required.
An innovative curriculum with the embedded themes of Enterprise and Sustainability delivered in partnership with local employers and other education providers that will inspire learners in the context of where they are living and learning.
A collaborative ethos with the local learning communities, employers, community organisations, children's centres, the local chaplaincy, multi-agency support teams and the local authority to ensure the school is constantly adapting to the needs of the learners, community and local employment requirements.
A key role in developing the community of Cranbrook using the facilities and resources to be at the heart of social interaction, healthy living, engagement in lifelong learning and establishing new traditions for the local population.
A focus on evidence based research and practice to ensure the very best and latest teaching and learning strategies drive success and achievement.
A large and experienced network in the Multi Academy Trust which will enable business efficiencies to drive the very best services for all learners.