A Midsummer Nights Dream Theatre Trip

This afternoon some of our year 9 BTEC Acting class had the opportunity to go and see the Lyric and Filters version of ‘A Midsummer Nights Dream.’ It was a raucous, belly-laugh filled performance with lots of unexpected twists and turns. For some of our students this was the first time they had been to the theatre and it will be by no means the last.

As we all know, Shakespeare is always best being watched and performed rather than reading it on a script and todays performance was a testament to this; superheroes, 3D surround sound, trap doors, songs, live music, food fights, computer games, disorganisation, chaos and Judi Dench stuck in the lift… and that was just in the first hour… what a hoot!

Here are a few words from the students about what they saw today…

“It was so surprising, the little moments were great”

“It was amazing”

“Never a boring moment”

“We feel totally inspired”