A film by Anna Best made with the people of Cranbrook

Thursday 28/02/19: 4:15pm – 5:15pm, Cranbrook Education Campus,

Tillhouse Road, Cranbrook, EX5 7EE, Entry Free

Come and see the Premiere of Anna Best’s short film, The Tangle, made over the summer of 2018 with participants from Cranbrook, students from the school and staff from the University of Exeter. Based on the tale of the golden goose, the film brings together Cranbrook, an underground tunnel, exotic trees from the University of Exeter and girls with golden hair. Artist Anna Best has exhibited her work in places such as Tate Modern, the Barbican and Whitstable Biennial. Hard to categorise into one type of artform she says:

“With The Tangle, as with much of my work, I make decisions based on chance coincidence and found material. I use these as ingredients to collage together something less like a traditional film and more like a notebook, list or album. I find these ingredients in my house, on the sites and in the conversations. I am interested in this film in the binary opposition we see in relationships      between two things, the university and the new town, Higher Education and domestic life and I wonder how we can change our thinking about knowledge.”

Grateful thanks to all the people involved in this project who gave their time and support. This project was initiated by the University of Exeter’s Arts and Culture Programme, working with the arts to develop collaborations that enrich teaching and learning. It was curated by Ginkgo Projects