Celebrate with us our Lexia superstars

This term, Chelsey Lima had the highest streaks for Year 7 – 961, Jasmin Reed had the highest streaks for Year 8 – 562 and Caelan Davies had the highest for Year 9 – 1,046. Caelan also had the highest for all year groups.

I would also like to give a massive shout out to all of my Lexia students as, without exception, they have worked above and beyond on their Literacy skills and have made outstanding progress, with many having completed all levels.

Furthermore, Lexia students at CEC have progressed, on average, around 50 months (just over 4 Years) compared to the Lexia average progress of 14 months. I hope you agree this is something they, all at CEC and our wider CEC community should be very proud of.

Well done Lexia students you are most definitely #crantastic!